Expense Reduction Opportunity

Workers’ compensation insurance is a major business expense. It is also incredibly complex. In most states there are over 700 approved classification codes with interpretation of classifications varying from state to state. It is virtually impossible for a business to know all the rules and regulations governing these codes which often results in overcharges. In our experience, 7 out of 10 companies have overpaid on their policies and may still be overpaying today. This is true regardless of the agent, broker, agency, and/or insurance carriers involved.

Constant changes in the industry including rating bureau rules, regulation changes, policy changes and the application of incorrect rates, discounts, classifications, experience modification calculations, erroneous payroll and audits are beyond a typical agent's scope. Most business owners aren’t aware they have been overcharged until an independent review is conducted. What is generally not known is that over payments can be recovered from previously issued policies. And, unlike others that only audit your current policy, we go back as far as seven years to recoup the greatest possible refund.